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Despre mine

Welcome to the vibrant world of Bianca Neagu, a name synonymous with passion, creativity, and a flair for graphic design. With a rich tapestry of 5 years in the graphic design industry, I am more than a designer – I am a visual storyteller.

Armed with a solid diploma in graphic design, my journey has been a canvas of diverse projects where ideas come to life, and concepts metamorphose into captivating visuals. My artistic approach is marked by a unique blend of passion and precision, ensuring that every detail contributes to the overall excellence of my work.

Specializing in a spectrum of design realms, including branding, illustrations, and promotional materials, I am dedicated to providing innovative and personalized visual solutions tailored to the distinctive needs of my clients. Each project is a canvas for creativity, where I merge imagination with technique to create visual experiences that resonate.

My commitment to excellence is evident in the quality of my work, where a keen eye for detail ensures that every project is a masterpiece. As you explore my portfolio, you’ll witness the evolution of ideas into visually stunning realities. Your project is not just a task for me; it’s an opportunity to enhance and elevate its visual identity.

Join me on this creative journey, where each design is a testament to my passion for transforming visions into tangible, compelling narratives. Let’s embark on a visual odyssey together – explore my portfolio and discover how I can bring your ideas to life in ways that exceed expectations.

Embarking on my artistic journey, I’ve had the honor of receiving accolades and showcasing my work in various exhibitions, each marking a significant chapter in my career as a graphic designer.

One of the most cherished moments in my professional life was being awarded the Gold Palette from Macedonia. This recognition not only validates my artistic abilities but also signifies the global impact of my work, transcending borders and connecting with audiences on an international level.

Securing the 1st place in the 3rd International Biennial of Small Graphic Forms, themed “Medieval Castles – The Story Charmed Within Stones,” was a defining moment. It speaks to my skill in weaving intricate stories within the constraints of small graphic forms. Much like the castles I portrayed, my art tells timeless tales that resonate with viewers.

In the “Romania Mea” exhibition, I proudly clinched the 3rd place, solidifying my position as a distinguished graphic designer. This particular showcase allowed me to express a deep connection to my roots, translating the essence of Romania into captivating visual expressions.

Beyond competitions, my journey has been enriched by participation in various exhibitions. “EXCENTRIC” at Odeon Gallery.

The exhibition dedicated to the Nottara Theater’s performance “Cum va place” reflect my versatility, showcasing my ability to adapt my skills to different artistic contexts.

Participating in the “Celebrating the Art of Football” exhibition, organized by the Romanian Federation in Paris, underscores my commitment to sports aesthetics.

Contributing to the “Stars & Beyond” charity exhibition for the benefit of the Down Plus Association, further emphasizes my dedication to using art for meaningful causes. I believe in the transformative power of design to create awareness and evoke positive change.

I also had the privilege of contributing to the “As You Like It” exhibition, a remarkable showcase of digital graphics hosted at F64 Studio. This experience allowed me to explore the dynamic realm of digital design, pushing the boundaries of creativity and expression.